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Florida Whitetail Deer Hunts

Florida Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our Florida whitetail deer hunts are conducted on over 7,000 acres of private land. All land is quality managed and has been since the early 1930's. Clients are encourage to harvest mature whitetails however, we do follow the state of Florida rules and regulations minimum requirement of 3 points on one side for antlered deer. At Black Tine Outfitters we don't have second jobs, we maintain feeders, food plots, and mineral sites on a yearly basis. We believe this provides a valuable food source and helps in keeping a stable and healthy herd. Combined with over 40 years of experience hunting and guiding through out the state of Florida; rest assure that Black Tine Outfitters can put you where the deer are.

We offer several different hunting packages including whitetail deer and wild hog combo hunts. Everything from 1 day hunts to 4 day hunts. We utilize ladder stands, shooting houses, and grounds blinds to ensure your safety is first priority. All transportation to and from hunting locations is provided including extraction, cleaning and quartering of harvested game. You will also find that we do not believe in trophy fees. Over the years we have had several clients harvest whitetails scoring in the mid 130 to low 140 class range with no additional trophy fees applied. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to accommodate your hunt any way we can. Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you.  

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whitetail deer hunts in florida

Hunting The Seminole Whitetail

The Seminole whitetail can be very challenging. It is often compared to hunting its sub-species the coues deer to the west. Terrain is thick and often times marshy. Florida's unpredictable climate combined with its extreme humidity can make the practice of quality sent control almost impossible. The rut season for the Seminole whitetail can also be very unpredictable as our seasonal temperatures can vary dramatically day to day causing the rut to inconsistently "turn on" and "turn off". Clients are encouraged to take their hunt serious and apply the basic fundamentals of whitetail hunting to their hunt with us as harvesting a mature Seminole whitetail can be difficult but is also a well respected trophy. The average 4 1/2 year old buck harvested on our farms typically scores between 100"-115" and will weigh approximately 145-170 lbs depending on time of year. 

florida whitetail deer hunts

Florida Whitetail Deer Hunt Rates:

2 Day Whitetail Deer Hunt: $550 Per Hunter

3 Day Whitetail Deer Hunt: $675 Per Hunter

4 Day Whitetail Deer Hunt: $850 Per Hunter


  • Guide
  • Transportation
  • 1 Buck
  • 2 Wild Hogs
  • Cleaning And Quartering

A $100 per hunter Non refundable deposit is required to reserve a whitetail deer hunt. Deposits are Non transferable. Deposit will go towards the balance of the hunt. All Florida whitetail deer hunts are free range and are non guaranteed. Whitetail does can also be harvested on select hunts but are season permitting. Please inquire at the time of booking for information on harvesting does. All state of Florida license, permits, rules and regulations do apply to our whitetail deer hunts. 

Don't forget to tip your guide!

florida whitetail deer hunts

Deer Hunting License:

  • Annual Hunting (Resident): $17.00
  • 10-Day Hunting (Nonresident): $46.50
  • Deer Permit (Annual): $5.00
  • Archery Permit: $5.00
  • Muzzleloading Gun Permit: $5.00
  • Crossbow Permit: $5.00

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Dates:

Archery Season: Zone C

Sept 14 - Oct 13
Antlered or antlerless deer by bow only. Must have Deer Permit as well as hunting license.

Crossbow Season: Zone C

Sept 14 - Oct 18
Antlered deer only Oct 15 - 19, must have Deer Permit as well as hunting license.

Muzzleloader Season: Zone C

Oct 19 - Nov 1
Antlered deer only by muzzleloader, crossbow, or bow, must have Deer Permit as well as hunting license.

General Gun Season: Zone C

Nov 2 - Jan 19
Antlered deer entire season; Antlerless deer may be taken Nov 22 - 25 by all legal centerfire rigles, pistols, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, and bows. Must have Deer Permit as well as hunting license.

General Gun Doe Week: Zone C

Nov 22- 25
Must have Deer Permit as well as hunting license.