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Florida Predator Hunts

florida predator hunts

Our predator hunts are conducted on thousands of acres located in central Florida. All land is privately owned with no public access so you can be sure quality goes with out saying. We believe predator control plays a valuable role in quality land management. Whitetail deer, turkeys, hogs, and especially small game such as rabbits, quail, and squirrels can suffer great loss if a solid predation program is not in place. We allow our clients to partake in this program by signing up to tag a long on these fun and exciting hunts. 

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florida predator hunts

About The Hunt!

These hunts are conducted early morning, late afternoon and night time. Each hunt is based per 3 hours of actual hunting time. All equipment including calls, decoys, and transportation is included in this hunt. Clients are encourage to harvest any and all animals targeted on this hunt with no restrictions or bag limits other than bobcat. Bobcat season is regulated to December 1 to March 31 and does require a valid Florida hunting license. Other targeted species will include coyote, raccoon, opossum, and armadillo. 

florida predator hunts

Predator Hunt Rates:

Day Time Predator Hunts: $325 (Up To 2 Hunters)

Night Time Predator Hunt: $375 (Up To 2 Hunters)


  • 3 Hours Of Hunting
  • Guide
  • Transportation
  • Calls/ Decoys

Bobcat Trophy Fee: $250 Per Bobcat

Bobcat Season: December 1- March 31

A valid Florida hunting license is required to harvest a bobcat.

Predator hunting rates do not include weapons or night hunting equipment. Weapon rentals can be provided for an additional $50 per hunter. A $50 non refundable deposit is required to book a predator hunt. Deposit will go towards the balance of hunt.